Jesse Leimgruber

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Jesse Leimgruber

Jesse is currently studying computer science at Stanford University. He founded Rank Executives in 2010 with his brother and currently leads the SEO with an unprecedented fluency in analyzing data sets, ranking factors, and algorithmic trends. Jesse earned a perfect 800 on his Math SAT and spent years studying search engine algorithms, making him an excellent person to lead the Rank Executives data-driven approach to internet marketing.

Prior to Rank Executives, Jesse and P.J. founded Rage Hats, now the world’s largest retailer of Neon Hats. The company sold over 40,000 RageHats in 2012.

He built his first website in 6th grade, he has since worked with over 100 companies on the development of nearly 200 websites. In his free time, Jesse likes to race go-karts, go to the beach, stay up to date on politics, and stay up late browsing the internet. Jesse spends most of his free time absorbing life in Silicon Valley, attending meetups, interacting with companies, and going to start-up events.

Blogs He Follows: SEOMoz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Round Table, Search Engine Watch, HubSpot, TechCrunch

Long Term Goals: Open an amusement park, Live on the beach

Jesse Leimgruber’s Interests:

  • Solving the Rubik’s Cube
  • Building Websites
  • Following space technology, (He hopes to one day go to space)
  • Planning his future theme park
  • Go Karting

Honors and Awards:

  • Eagle Scout
  • Mensa Member
  • Perfect 800 on the Math SAT

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