White Hat SEO is a safe and future method of SEO

White Hat SEO is Safe and Future Proof

In the world of internet marketing and search engine optimization, there are two distinct realms in which people can operate. At one end of the spectrum lies the realm of Black Hat SEO, where no rules apply to the methods and processes used to rank sites. These shady tactics stem from SEO agencies that are relentless in their low, bottom feeding methods of building links. On the other end sits White Hat SEO, where the push for site ranking is generated naturally. White Hat SEO’s diverge completely from Black Hats in their link building styles and their overall strategy for ranking sites. Websites that practice White Hat tactics avoid all of the sketchiness and risk that their reciprocal counterparts embrace. transfersite1.wpengine.com proudly practices White Hat tactics for each and every client.


Internet Marketing Evolution and Development of Search Engines

In recent years, the processes used for site ranking have developed and become insanely complex. This evolution of site rank, accelerated and master-minded by Google, unintentionally spawned two separate but powerful realms of site rank practice. Search Engine Optimization became a necessity for all websites, old and new. As this development of SEO took place, the market for online shops and other websites exploded simultaneously. Websites ranked in the first page of Google saw drastic increases in sales compared to fellow sites ranked lower. Slowly but surely, online marketing became a multimillion dollar industry and the dependance of internet users on the Google search engine created a massive demand for SEO work for all websites.

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The Schism: Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

As the SEO industry exploded in popularity, the way in which these SEO agencies operated split off in to two reciprocal directions. Companies who practiced Black Hat tactics seemed like the most profitable option to site owners looking for immediately high rankings. The methods Black Hat SEO’s used included tactics like spam link building, which provided thousands of backlinks to a site through bots and other low quality link webs. These mass link building efforts did well for a while, and companies who used them saw great increases in site rank as well as profits; however, all good things would come to an end. Google is more than just a site—Google is a billion dollar company with the resources and intelligence to crush anyone operating against the grain. After a short while of success Black Hat tactics, Google’s ranking team created improved algorithms which eliminated and heavily penalized sites operating under the Black Hat flag.

As this roller coaster ride of small successes and utter failure for Black Hat SEO’s took its ups and downs, sites utilizing White Hat strategies continued on a steady path to the top. Through the creation of natural content, websites gained trustworthy links to other authoritative sites. Beyond this natural relationship between good content and relevant linking, White Hat SEO’s expanded their strategies to other forms of natural rank increasing. Through methods like press releases and news coverage, new sites gained quality promotion from real, interested people rather than spam backlinks from irrelevant and shady websites. Even as Google changed and complicated their ranking algorithm, White Hat SEO tactics still payed off, and even became more powerful. Black Hat methods still had some successes, but the risk of getting your site completely expelled from Google over a handful of dirty links simply outweighed the small chance of success that it aimed for. Currently, Black Hat and White Hat optimization strategies are used widely, yet the split between the two has grown bigger as Google has modified their ranking processes.

What We Do – Only White Hat SEO

Here at RankExecutives, our staff stays dedicated to understanding the Google ranking algorithm. Through our research and case studies, we have concluded that the most effective way to rank sites long term is to practice a variety of White Hat SEO tactics. Unlike Black Hat SEO agencies, we provide our clients with a list of our link building methods. We work hands on with website owners to develop target strategies specific to each site. Through viral seeding and social media promotion, we help get websites natural notoriety by targeting the unique interest groups they relate to. Using techniques such as infographic production and fan page creation, we can help your site gain direct traffic that has an increased aptitude for purchasing your product or simply interacting with your site. Our content writers can generate natural content specific to the keywords you want to target, and fill your site with intriguing articles that can gain natural links just based off of quality. Unlike Black Hat tactic of spam link building, we practice guest blog posting which allows us to build a large web of authoritative links based off of well written articles centered on a link to your site. This natural process gets our client’s sites solid links that will continuously provide authority to the site, as well as drive real traffic too.

List of our White-Hat SEO Tactics:

  • Guest Posting
  • Infographics
  • Viral Seeding
  • Content Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Directory Submission
  • Webmaster Outreach
  • Natural Link Bait
  • Spread News & Gain Links
  • Manual Forum Comments

Besides natural link building strategies, RankExecutives extends our White Hat SEO practices into other surefire areas of rank increasing. Using webmaster outreach, we help our clients get in touch with fellow website owners who can put up relevant links back to the site, as well as provide real promotion within the niche. Other methods such as directory submission puts our client’s sites on Google’s radar, and will get them indexed in several search engines. Natural forum comments and other forms of online promotion involved in the site’s specific niche can help drive interested people to the site, and possibly even help gain more links to the site.

Does White Hat SEO Actually Work?

A lot of times, clients ask us, “Why not just use Black Hat agencies?”, “They rank faster”. It seems like a quick an easy solution to site ranking; however, there are several insurmountable flaws that can and will bring down sites. The crucial factor that makes White Hat SEO the best investment lies in its longevity. Sites that use White Hat SEO tactics are future proof.

Google aims to devalue and penalize Black Hat sites. They have an entire staff of people, armed with algorithms specifically designed to find Black Hat sites. Google has a goal to take them all down. It might take a week, a month or longer. Eventually, sites centered around Black Hat ranking techniques will get discovered and dropped drastically from the SERPs. The links built to sites using these slimy tactics are low quality and unnatural, and they require a constant stream of them to even slightly increase your site. This is why Black Hat firms will tell clients, “Once you stop doing SEO, your sites will drop.” When you are utilizing Black Hat methods, sites must be pumped with thousands of poor spam links in order to stay indexed. Once you stop paying for these shady links, there will be no other anchors to keep your site in the spot it is ranked, and that is even if your site makes it through Google’s indexing process without getting banned.

These terrible risks and poor long term effects are what makes White Hat SEO agencies like RankExecutives the best choice for your SEO needs. Our methods will bring you to the top, and keep you there—the links don’t stop once your SEO service stops. We set you up to keep earning natural links through social media and your established authority. The links we help you build are long lasting and natural, thus they have zero risk of hurting your site. All of our clients get a free rank tracker to see how their traffic and rankings improve over time. Even after your service with our agency runs out, you will have learned enough to continue the strategy we laid out for you. These will keep you on pace to maintaining the rank we achieved you.

White Hat SEO should be the only form of SEO. Contact us for more information.

July 26th – An Update on White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is important now for SEO

Google Announces another Update

Two Days ago, Google announced a new update via twitter. This algorithm refresh is another update to their Panda Algorithm. Although on the surface a 1% update of search results does not seem extremely significant, it shows that they are taking further steps to reward white hat practices. Google is making a point to prove that White Hat SEO is the only form of search engine optimization. Keep honest and transparent practices for all your marketing efforts. As long as you fill your sites with natural, non-spun content, and care about good user experience, you will be fine.


We have been doing white hat seo for over 2 years, consistently for every client. Testing against sties that use black hat tactics, our results were more sustainable and long term.

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