Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

Content Strategy

The first step in our process is to develop a content strategy that fits your budget and business needs. We will spend time researching your market to determine where they are, when they show up, and what they are interested in reading. We will also spend this time getting to know your business on a personal level, learn who you are and who your employees are, and determine the ideal tone for your content. Once all the questions are answered, it is just a matter of figuring out when and where our content will be placed, and coming up with ideas that the content should be about. Coming up with topics well in advance will ensure that we meet the schedule set by your personalized content strategy.

Content Creation

Whether you provide us with a strategy created in-house or allow us to come up with a plan for you, as soon as it is prepared, we begin the work of content creation. We use an in-house team of expert writers, videographers, graphic artists, and developers to come up with content that your audience will love. Each piece of content is painstakingly crafted and doesn’t get published until we are certain it meets our high-quality standards.

Publication and Amplification

When the content is finished, we reach out to a network of bloggers, writers, and social media contacts to publish and amplify your content across the internet. Where the content is published will ultimately depend on your budget, but we select the websites we work with based on a number of metrics including traffic, social media presence, domain authority, and, of course, the quality of content that exists on the site itself. We would never diminish our work or your brand by allowing content to share space with poorly edited drivel. Amplification is handled through a number of social media channels and other platforms to ensure that, once the content is out there, people will know where to go to find it.

Give Commitments, Not Campaigns

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