Prior to receiving a proposal, you will be asked to fill out a website questionnaire. We will then schedule a dedicated discovery session at our office to flesh out your initial ideas and uncover the opportunities your business has to leverage in the digital market. This will give you an opportunity to communicate your business needs and articulate the elements of your product or service.

After the initial discovery meeting, we will prepare a proposal outlining the solution we ideate for your business. If you are happy with the proposal, you’ll be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions and provide payment of 50% of the total cost before we commence work. You will receive an invoice with all the details, and upon receipt of deposit, we will supply you with a list of the items we require from you to prepare your site.


The exciting part starts here! Based on your supplied branding, content, images and the information you supplied in the questionnaire, you will be asked to choose from a selection of mock-ups that we feel best suits your brand and requirements. Think of this as the foundation of your website, which we will be able to transform into a professional, unique website providing a long lasting relationship between your brand and clients.

Once you’re happy with the functionality your site will include, we will create a site-diagram based on our discussions and / or documentation to determine what web pages we will need to build, navigation structure and feature list. Finally, you’ll be presented with mock-ups of your site incorporating those structural and functionality decisions.

During this phase you will have the opportunity for 2 rounds of revisions, ensuring the design and structure is perfectly in place. You will be required to sign off of the final design before commencing the next stage.


With your content and mock-ups in hand, we will begin building your website on our development domain. During this phase we also source images and place them on the site, along with those you’ve provided, to give your site the all important wow factor.

When we believe that it meets our top notch standards and the established criteria, you will be issued with a link to review your site and provide feedback. Simultaneously, we will test the site on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and mobile devices.


At this stage you’ll be provided the opportunity to thoroughly check your site and let us know of any fine-tuning required. This is not unlimited, but anything that is broken or not working as per the design and structure phase will be adjusted or fixed accordingly.

Once you are happy with your website and it is approved for launch, you will be issued with an invoice for the final 50% of your proposal plus any additional items (such as unforeseen features, newsletter design, etc.) which you may have requested along the way. This invoice must be paid before we can move the site to your host and launch the site.

Deploy – Time to celebrate!

We will begin the process of installing the site on your server, which usually takes a day or two – longer if there is a need to wait for certain elements of your server to be configured. We discuss this back in phase 2, so any delays would have been pre-empted.

If you are planning to add more pages or content, or simply need to embargo your site before launch, we will switch your site to maintenance-mode, and politely inform your clients that your website will be back up and running soon.

Training will be scheduled close to the time the site is deployed to your server. We will also discuss with you search engine optimization and maintenance options, so your site will have optimal exposure and remain supported post-launch.