Quality Sign Designer

The Challenge

Quality Sign Design (QSD) contacted us looking for a way to revitalize their online sales and increase traffic.  After optimizing their site for search engines, we suggested a few ways of getting additional traffic. One of these suggestions were display ads that we planned and designed for them. They were so impressed with the Display Ad designs they decided to commission us for additional graphics for all their products throughout their website.

The Solution

At this stage, you’ll be provided the opportunity to thoroughly check your site and let us know of any fine-tuning required. This is not unlimited, but anything that is broken or not working as per the design and structure phase will be adjusted or fixed accordingly.

Once you are happy with your website and it is approved for launch, you will be issued with an invoice for the final 50% of your proposal plus any additional items (such as unforeseen features, newsletter design, etc), which you may have requested along the way. This invoice must be paid before we can move the site to your host and launch the site.

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