5 Simple (and Free) SEO Tips

By August 1, 2013SEO

Editors Note: Before you read this article, we highly suggest generating an instant SEO report using the above tool (in the orange box.) This will give you quite a bit of helpful data that will help you make proper SEO decisions.

SEO Link Building1. Building Links is Free When You Outreach

Links are one of the most important ranking factors. Google counts the number of links to your site to determine how authoritative your website is. The more high quality links you have, the higher your website will rank. At Rank Executives, we simply find webmasters and blogs in our client’s niche, then message the site owner. Once you are communicating directly with the webmaster, negotiating a link is easy.

To get free links: Find the contact form on a relevant blog and ask them this question: “What can I do to get a link from your website?” The blogger will often ask you to write free blog post, give them a Facebook shout out, or better yet, just link to you for free.


Upfront SEO Services2. A Free Instant SEO Audit Can Reveal Powerful Data

Using the above tool, at the top of this page, you can generate a custom list of changes that will improve your website. It takes less than 60 seconds and will provide dramatic increases in traffic. The tool will also reveal keywords that you are already ranking for, and tell you how you can improve the rankings on those keywords. If you have not yet generated a free SEO report, that should be high-priority.

To get a free instant SEO audit: Type in your website in the above orange box. Wait approximately 60 seconds and the report will generate your current rankings and a list of on-page suggestions.


SEO Algorithm Analysis 3. Use Better Page Titles

Adding good titles to your pages is the first and simplest thing you will need to do to improve your rankings. Every SEO expert will tell you that prior to starting an SEO campaign, they will need to find the relevant keywords for your site and optimize the page titles. While an expert can easily do this, edit page titles is something you can also do yourself. If your industry is very specific, you might be able to do it better than a consultant. Use the above tool to generate a list of keywords that you are already ranking for. This is a great place to start. If these keywords are not set as your page title, that should be done as soon as possible. The tool will also tell you if you are using header and title tags appropriately.


SEO Outsourcing4. Adjust Your URL’s Based on Keyword Research Data

Google’s free keyword tool will tell you the search volume for any keyword. Once you find high-volume keywords that you want to rank for, adjust your URL’s accordingly. That is, put the keyword in the URL. Don’t arbitrarily change the URL though, this may result in a 404 error on the old page. Instead, change the URL and 301 redirect the old page to the new page. This will ensure that all previous link juice and traffic will remain with the improved page.


Results Based SEO5. Split Test to Improve Conversion Rate

User metrics refer to things like click through rate and time on site. Google tracks these metrics. The better user metrics you have, the better your rankings will be. The only way to improve user metrics is through split testing and conversion rate optimization. We suggest using a tool like Optimizely to figure out the best ways to reduce bounce rate, improve time on site, and increase click through rate.


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