Top Logos | Best Brands of the World

In today’s business world, some of the best brands of the world focus heavily on the visual appearance conveyed through their logos. Getting sites ranked at the top of Google is what we do. While being first on Google virtually solidifies a company as an industry leader, brand recognition is vitally important. If people can easily recognize your product, then your advertising campaign must be successful. This article compiles the best ten logos in the world.

Best Brands of The World

Coke Logo is one of the Top Logos

1. Coca-Cola

Created in 1885, the Coca-Cola logo has remained the same. Today, it is perhaps the world’s most recognizable logo. It’s simple cursive red-lettered design is easily recognizable, and Coca-Cola stands as the leading soda producing company in the world.

Did You Know: The first version of the logo was created in 1887, but it wasn’t until 1969 that the famous white wave was added.


2. Google

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Their rainbow colors symbolize the variety of results the website offers. It is estimated that over 30,000 people per second see the logo.

Fun Fact: In 2011, Google reduced the shadows on their logo, resulting in an overall brighter logo.

Apple Logo

3. Apple

Apple’s logo was originally created in 1976 and instead of its current metallic color, it was rainbow striped. Steve Jobs must have updated the logo to give it a more modern feel. Apple is now a leading producer of high-tech goods and computer software.

Change of Directions: Unlike the modern design, the original logo showed Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It was far different than the modern logo.


McDonalds Logo

4. McDonald’s

Fast food power house McDonald’s is now famous for their Golden Arches logo. It was originally designed in 1962, and has remained unchanged for decades.

Shocking Surveys: The Sponsorship Research International reported that 88 percent of surveyed individuals could identify the golden arches, while only 54 percent could name the Christian cross.

Ford Logo

5. Ford

Created in the early 1900s, Ford Motor Company is a leading American car producer in today’s times. Their logo is very recognizable among Americans because of the high popularity of Ford motor vehicles.

6. FedEx

Fedex Logo

FedEx, a leading package delivery service on the international scale, is a very popular delivery service for Americans and people worldwide. A hidden detail in the FedEx logo is the hidden arrow between the E and x.

Wikipedia Logo

7. Wikipedia

Wikipedia, a leading online encyclopedia, has a complex logo design. It is a sphere shaped object connecting various letters in multiple languages. It symbolizes the connection of the world through language and knowledge.

Did You Know: The current puzzle logo includes 15 letters from 15 different alphabets, most are a “W”, standing for Wikipedia.

8. IBM

IBM Logo

Designed in 1972 by graphic artist Paul Rand, the IBM logo is a simple design of blue lettering with white lines in between, giving it a high-tech feel. IBM stands today as one of the leading computer software producers of the world.


9. Facebook

Facebook has a very simple and clean design with its logo design. Facebook is still growing as an online social media website, and is worth billions of dollars.

10. Alfa Romeo

Designed in 1910, the Alfa Romeo logo was designed for an Italian sports car company. The logo features emblems from fifth-century Italy, with the emblem of Milan on the left side, a white background and red cross, and a serpent-like creature, the emblem of the ruling family of Italy in the 14th century, on the right. Today, Alfa Romeo is a leading sports car producer and works under the Fiat car company.

Runner Up Logos

  • AT&T
  • Nike
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • UPS
  • Toyota
  • Adidas
  • Disney
  • The Olympics
  • The Recycling Logo
  • HP
  • MTV
  • Ralph Lauren (Polo)