SEO Prices – Cost and Pricing for SEO Services?


A Guide To SEO Prices

When it comes to SEO Prices, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. That being said, most people reading this article are looking for a simple answer. Unlike the rest of the reading material on the web, I’ll try to give a straightforward response. Most SEO companies will not take clients for under $750/month – Companies that offer turnkey “packages” for less than $750/month either outsource, use automated link building methods, or do virtually nothing to help your website. For reference: A independent survey of over 150 SEO companies concluded that the average client spends roughly $1,800/month on SEO services.

  • Minimum Price for Most SEO Agencies: $750/month
  • Average Price: $1,800/month
  • Average Price for Local SEO: $900/month
  • Average Price for National SEO: $3,900/month
  • Hourly Consulting Rate: $100-$250/hour
  • Average SEO Salary: $60-$80k/year

*Based on a Survey of 150 US Based SEO Agencies

We never outsource or use automated link building tactics. (Keep in mind: In the United States, most SEO managers make an average of $60-$80k/year, this equates to roughly $40/hour.) While on-site edits can certainly be made with only a few hours of work, link building is a time consuming, tedious process. Building links involves writing content, manually messaging bloggers, talking to webmasters on the phone, and carefully compiling reports to determine the best link targets. SEO is an investment like any marketing effort. Investing more in SEO allows managers to allocate more time to your project, create more detailed reports, and ultimately get much better rankings.

How We Determine the Pricing for SEO Services

There are 6 main factors we use to gauge the cost of our seo services.

  1. Is the website established, old or trusted?
  2. Does the website have a penalty, if so, how bad?
  3. How competitive is the niche?
  4. How many keywords does the client want to target?
  5. Is their on-site SEO in order?
  6. What level of rankings are we going to aim for?

Is the website established, old or trusted?

If you have an old, established website, the cost of your SEO services is usually less than a brand new domain. Trusted sites can often see dramatic increases in rankings with less efforts. While it is not “hard” to start the SEO on a brand new domain, it takes time for the domain to get crawled, indexed properly, and start ranking. For this reason, new sites often require carefully planned link development plans in order to achieve top rankings in a reasonable amount of time.

Does the website have a penalty?

Penguin, Panda, EMD Update… Penalties happen all the time. Some are easy to offset, others can be quite a challenge. Usually, a penalty means that we will have to write more content, build extra links, and manually message webmasters to remove your bad links. Again, it is not “hard” to remove a penalty, but it takes time. In some cases, it is actually more cost effective to start with a new domain than to try to offset a penalty.

How Competitive is the Niche?

If you want to rank first for “Insurance”, but you only want to spend $750/month — We probably can’t help you. We carefully research the competition to determine the exact competitiveness of the market.

Assume all other factors are equal. (You don’t have a significant penalty, your on-site is average, etc)

  • Local / Low Competition Keywords – Average Pricing = $750-$1,000/month
  • Moderate / Easy National Keywords – Average Pricing = $1,500-$3,000/month
  • Competitive / National Keywords – Average Pricing = $3,000-$20,000/month

How Many Keywords is the Website Targeting?

It is bit tough to explain this concept, but I’ll do my best. This particular article might rank well for “SEO Pricing”, “SEO Prices” or “SEO Services Pricing” — These are essentially all one keyword. When we determine how many keywords a website is targeting, we’re not looking at slight variations of keywords, we are looking for major keywords. A site that sells iphone cases might only have half a dozen keywords to target. On the other hand, a site that retails 5,000 technology products will have thousands of keywords to target. The cost of SEO is greatly impacted by the number of keywords simply because you need more links, more content, and more outreach to achieve top results.

Is the On-Site SEO in order?

Fixing title tags, modifying URL’s, checking keyword density and making sure every image has an alt text takes time. Prior to starting your SEO services, we’ll run a free, comprehensive SEO Audit that will determine the exact status of your on-site SEO. If this is already in perfect order, you can save a bit of your budget since we won’t have to allocate additional time. Often time’s clients request a separate on-site SEO price, in addition to a regular monthly quote.

What Level of Rankings are We Aiming For?

We can get any ranking, but it usually comes down to price. Usually, we create a list of keywords and two or three pricing breakdowns. Each pricing guide will directly state what rankings you can expect to achieve at each budget level. This method lets you see the direct differences between each budget.

Other Factors that Influence SEO Prices:

  • Level of Correspondence and Consulting
  • Copywriting – Quality content is crucial for a strong search engine presence
  • Social Media Management
  • Current Rankings & Traffic
  • Ranking Guarantees

While this is not the case for many SEO Companies, Rank Executives is entirely U.S. Based. We never outsource. Every employee working on your project is interacting with one another, working in the same office. Since we pride ourselves on entirely in-house work, additional factors can easily increase the cost of a campaign.

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Pricing Reference Guide

Search engine optimization pricing is a tricky thing to get straight, we understand this. While most companies are very open to working with any budget that is above their minimum, trying to save money could ultimately hurt your site in the long run. The important thing to remember is that SEO Prices vary greatly, there is no one size fits all package, but any top agency should be able to maximize your budget.

We pride ourselves on transparency, unlimited consulting  ranking reports, a dedicated project manager, entirely in-house US staff, never outsourcing, ROI Tracking, White Hat SEO, Manual Link Building and the top algorithmic tools in the industry. Consider everything you’re getting when you decide on a price for your SEO Services.

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