Social Marketing Companies – What We Do

Social Media Marketing is crucially important for the online presence of your business, good social marketing companies can drastically increase your ROI. Here at Rank Executives, we take a different approach than most other social marketing companies. Rather than just help you manage your online social pages, we will use our already viral pages to seed and promote your content.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Infographic Creation & Seeding
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Competitor Research
  • Timing, Planning & Carefully Posting
  • Viral Video Campaigns
  • Social Network Page Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Presence Development
  • Creation, Seeding & Promotion of Memes
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Link Bait

Social Marketing Companies – How We Do It

Social marketing companies have an array of techniques that they use to ensure viral success of your content. Read the article below to learn some of the insider secrets we have. We take social marketing to the next level.

Infographic Creation & Seeding

pinterest infographics social media

We like to say that infographics are “inherently viral” on the basis that a good infographic will have no problem going viral. When an infographic is designed with the target audience in mind, the impact can drastically improve your business and brand presence. Even if you have a “boring” niche, infographics can still provide immense value. The one thing to remember is that it is important to design the graphic for the audience, not the website. If your company sells textbooks, don’t make your infographic about textbooks, make your infographic about “top party schools” or “5 Clever Study Tips”, things that are much more likely to go viral.

How we use Social Media: Since Pinterest is focused around the visual aspect of things (whereas reddit is largely text based), it is the perfect place to seed your graphic. Pinterest also provides a link at the top of every pin. When done correctly, people will have to click to your website in order to see the full graphic. Once they are on your site, it is best to design the landing page around conversions and sharing. For example, if you owned an E-commerce site, we will place a link to your store page at the bottom of the graphic.

Strategic Consulting

Every niche is different. Things that go viral in one niche are not necessarily viral in another. For this reason, one on one strategic consulting is necessary to ensure success. Social marketing companies usually employ an array of experts, each trained in the social media aspect of a few different industries. We have social media experts that specialize in the viral promotion of lead generation websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, local businesses, etc. Every business is different and when it comes to social media marketing, there is no cookie cutter method that works every time.

Competitor Research

Social media is quite prevalent. Chances are, your competitors are already doing it. We can leverage the precedents set by other companies in your niche to better prepare your own social media campaign. Competitor research starts by following them on Facebook, Twitter and the other major social network outlets. We will track their successful efforts and present these to you. We combine data from their campaigns with the advice and experience from our social media experts to craft you a flawlessly planned and executed campaign.

Timing, Planning & Carefully Posting

Timing Social Media Marketing Posts

Believe it or not, Facebook posts at 8PM EST on Monday tend to have the highest probability of going viral. Similarly, submitting to Reddit is most effective at 6am in the morning. We’ve conducted careful analysis on the most effective times for each of the top 15 social websites. It is also the case that certain graphics and post lengths are more likely to get shared than others. To give another example, a graphic sized 500px by 500px has the highest probability of getting shared on Facebook, since it maximizes the preview size.

There is little room for guessing in social media. The main reason why many most social marketing companies are unable to produce results through social media is from their lack of planning and data. Being analytically focused and highly data driven is crucial for a good performing social media campaign.

Viral Video Campaigns

Viral Youtube Videos

Think of all the YouTube videos that get tens of millions of views. Wouldn’t you like to be the owner of a video with 10 million views? Imagine how successful your brand will be when literally millions of people each week are exposed to it. It is amazing to think that In 2011, YouTube combined for over 1 trillion views. When averaged out, this equates to around 140 views for every person on Earth. It’s also crazy to think that over 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube servers every single minute. It seems overwhelming. However, dozens of videos every day manage to pull in millions of views.

In order to make a viral video, you need a good understanding of what makes a video “Viral”. Often times, they are short, less than 2-3 minutes. They have a quick attention grabber in the beginning. Typically they are endorsed or shared by a “power user” (Someone with a huge social media presence). We consistently produce viral videos that provide overwhelming success for clients.

Social Network Page Development

Making a page on Facebook is not enough. Your Facebook page can be the gift that keeps on giving, if planned and developed properly. It is important to post status updates that people like to share, updates that engage your audience. If you constantly promote your brand, new products or sales, you will quickly lose your audience.

To get started with your page, consider finding memes or pictures that you think your audience would like. Remember about the timing of your post. Often times people want to post to their company Facebook when they are at work, but what they forget is that their audience is also at work. Post on Facebook after work ends, and a larger fraction of your fans will see it.

Online Reputation Management

People trust brands that have a good online reputation. Often times, potential customers will visit a brands Facebook page to read what customers are saying. Online reputation management focuses on a 24/7 analysis of your comments, tweets and messages.

  • Making sure all negative and false reviews about your company are suppressed with positive content
  • Ensuring that all your website appears first for your branded keywords
  • Preventing competitors from writing false information and pursuing the takedown of any fake material in a timely manner
  • Writing press releases to help fill the search results with controllable content

Social Presence Development

Although Twitter and Facebook seem to carry the vast majority of the social network power, there are dozens of other websites that have millions of daily viewers too! Social marketing companies focus on your development across the full selection of social media websites.

Social Marketing Companies Logos

List of Social Networks We Use:

  • StumbleUpon – Install their toolbar to submit your site. (There is no way to submit directly from the website)
  • Twitter – Google uses data from Tweet Shares. Make sure to establish your twitter following.
  • Youtube – Not only does Google own Youtube (which means they use it in rankings) but it is also a great way to get traffic and visits.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest links directly to your website in every pin, and it is ideal for infographic submission and sharing.
  • Delicious – It has a large user base and gives a great backlink that can help boost crawl rate.
  • Tumblr – Providing that you dont mind writing unique content first, Tumblr can be quite powerful as links are contextual.
  • Instagram – Instagram is no longer optional, it is owned by Facebook and its social media value is immense.
  • – This is one of the first places we go to share infographics, its a solid backlink and can help virally seed visual graphics.
  • – Although it is still not very well known. This is a PR 8 Backlink that is great to have linking to your website.
  • Digg – Kind of like a precursor to Reddit, the links are very powerful and reach a wide audience.
  • Reddit – They are picky about spam, make sure to pick a good subreddit and have a powerful user promote your content.
  • Facebook – Facebook shares directly correlate to increased conversions. Its the biggest and the best in terms of social value.
  • Google+ – This is google’s own social network. They directly use the “plus” data in rankings.

Creation, Seeding & Promotion of Memes

Memes can go insanely viral. Once you establish a powerful social presence, it is very plausible to virally promote a meme. When we make memes for clients, we will contact other bloggers, Facebook page owners and strong twitter users to help us promote the meme. Including a link back to your website at the top of the posting ensures that you website gets the credit and traffic from the meme. Very few social marketing companies will attempt to use memes, since they rarely catch on, but we have seen great success. They are at least worth a try.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

Most bloggers do not sell products. However, most bloggers have an array of readers interested in their niche. As a result, teaming up with bloggers can be one of the most effective social media strategies. Although it sounds like manual labor, conduct outreach. Make a spreadsheet of the popular bloggers in your niche. Call them up, ask them what you can do to make them link to you. Give them a free sample of your product, help promote their blog do your subscribers. You would be surprised how open bloggers are.

Although it is time consuming, blogger outreach is one of the most powerful ways to get a consistent source of links to your website.

Link Bait

As with any online marketing campaign, getting links to your site is very powerful. Links help drive search engine rankings, send targeted traffic, and boost your brands online exposure. “Link Bait” refers to any content that entices people to link to. These tend to be things that are shared easily on social networks, or things that grab the attention of a large number of users.

10 Types of Great Link Bait:

  1. Instructional and How To Guides
  2. Infographics
  3. Top 10 Lists
  4. Surveys & Polls
  5. Contests / Giveaways
  6. Viral Videos
  7. Breaking news
  8. Articles with well written titles
  9. Games and interactive content
  10. Interviews
  11. Free Software
  12. Widgets

Sometimes SEO companies think it is enough to simply create the link bait. Unless their is a social marketing aspect behind the outreach efforts, your great piece of content will fail to serve its purpose. It is the job of the social marketing companies to ensure that the link bait gets the recognition it deserves.