Social media is taking over the internet by storm; according to recent statistics social media makes up 22% of internet use, more than any other activity. 67% of the adult population worldwide now uses social media. The statistics are staggering and clearly show the importance of social media to any business. The sheer number of social network users alone is enough to prove it’s importance in the business world. In order to build a reputable brand name and subsequently rank higher in Google social media plays as a huge factor.

The importance and widespread notoriety of social media clearly shows it’s reach and value. Social media has leaked its way into virtually every television advertisement or radio commercial. “Like us on Facebook” has become one of the most common phrases heard on television today. Social media has also leaked its way into our phones with the advent of smartphones and apps. Every social network has an accompanying app for smartphone users, putting the power of social media in the pocket of every user. Smartphone users have the capability to use social media at any time and see everything that is happening in their social network.

Brand Management

In the technologically advanced world of today a strong internet presence is the key to success. Creating a good reputation for your brand name is very important in the success of any business. A great way to create an online presence is through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Every brand name has a social media pages that promote their brand name because it is such a vital part of business.

Online business reviews have become a huge factor in the market for consumers. Many people view these reviews and comments on the internet and take them as fact, but the fact is that many times these reviews come from competitors or biased opinions. It is vital to make sure the internet correctly portrays your company for what it is and not what other companies want others to think. Creating your very own online presence is the only way to avoid other companies from slandering your image and name.

Social Media in the Google Algorithm

Google rarely divulges it’s secrets of their ranking algorithm. They vehemently deny that they use social media shares as way to rank pages on Google, but contrary to their statements there are many case studies that show a strong correlation between social media shares and Google rank. The Google algorithm is designed to give you the best search results by finding the sites with the most notoriety and value and social shares are a good indicator of a valuable website. Adding social share icons to your site not only directly lifts your pages rankings but also helps it gain attention and attract natural links. These are two critical factors that play a huge role in the ranking algorithm.

Services We Offer

Here at Rank Executives we understand the importance of social media and how to manage social media for a business to increase interest and brand name. Our professional team of social media experts will create and run social media pages for your company on all of the leading social media sites. Our experts are trained to manage your brand and portray a positive image for your company. We will post updates to help gain followers and depict the values your business would like to convey. Depending on what your business desires our experts will taylor your social media pages to your liking, but our expert advice is key to running and keeping it afloat in the social networking world. Social networkers are on top of their game 24/7 so it is important that pages see constant activity and don’t remain stagnant or boring; at Rank Executives we will make sure your page is filled with new and exciting media at all times and will never go unnoticed.

Creating Viral Content

The viral nature of the internet is the phenomenon that brings it such value and prosperity. Viral content can reach the homes of millions in a matter of seconds in the hands of the internet. Social media pages thrive off of this viral content. Here at Rank Executives our team of experts is specialized in creating original viral content such as videos, articles, images, and infographics. Viral content is one of the best ways to gain followers and promote your brand. The extreme outreach of viral content makes it a must for all businesses who are ahead of the times and want to build an internet presence.

Content Makes the SEO World Go Round

Promoting content in press releases on social media sites is a vital key to building your business. One of the largest growth areas in online marketing is the business of content creation, optimizing, and promoting content. Brands are becoming publishers of content, which isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is becoming much more common.

Tracking Your Results With Analytics

To properly track and measure the success of your social media efforts it is important to use social media monitoring tools. These tools will tell you important information about your social media page such as data on user activity and number of users. You can use this data to understand how well your social campaign is working and how to optimize your social media page for the best outcomes. Without these analyzing tools, knowing the right decisions to make would be much harder, but with these tools we can effectively ease the decision process.