Stanford: Are You Ready For The Open Startup Project?

By September 15, 2013Rank Executives, SEO

This Fall, I am creating a 24/7 open startup environment, staffed with professional developers and free resources. If you have a startup OR want to partner with one, then continue reading.

My name is Jesse Leimgruber, I am studying at Stanford University and co-founder of Rank Executives.

Rank Executives is a full-service internet marketing company based in Orlando, but at the end of September, we’re opening an office in San Francisco. Unlike our Orlando office, our San Francisco office is solely devoted to developing startups, brainstorming cool ideas, and working together on interesting projects.

Our top developers and marketing professionals are moving to San Francisco with us to facilitate the growth of any startup project that requires their help. (Including your startup)

If you’re reading this, you probably have a startup, or are thinking about making one.

Joining this project will provide you with:

  • A Marketing Budget
  • Use of Our Office Space
  • Free Access to Professional Developers & Designers
  • Free PR & Marketing Consulting
  • A Place to Brainstorm & Work With Other Like-Minded Students
  • And In Some Cases: A Small Amount of Funding From Rank Executives

We do not require equity or payment. Instead, we require teamwork and support. However, we do hope to create an environment that allows everyone to be rewarded for their contributions. (i.e., It is up to you to distribute equity to the people you feel earned it.)

What’s in it for us? Networking, meeting talented people, the opportunity to partner with early-stage startups.

What’s in it for you? Assistance with development & marketing, office usage, networking, meeting talented people, the opportunity to partner with early-stage startups.

You DO NOT need an idea to join the project.

Since coming to Stanford, I’ve come in contact with tons of awesome, brilliant people. The Stanford Design School created an open concept, shared work environment. My dream is to create a similar environment for startups, allowing students to work together in a way that is beneficial to everyone. We were a startup not long ago. Since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some awesome clients which has afforded us the opportunity to fund a project like this. Now, we want to share our resources and everything we’ve learned with new startup groups.

This is not an incubator, an accelerator, or a corporate endeavor. I am not trying to create the next Y-combinator, nor do I plan on directly profiting from this venture.

I want to find a few like-minded people that want to pool resources and help each other. In addition to helping everyone, the goal is to create the next BIG project. We are planning on working with no more than 25 students, half of those spots are already filled.

Please comment below if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions. We LOVE input!

How To Join:

Again, this is not intended to be an extremely exclusive application. To apply, fill out the form below or reach out to me on LinkedIn. I’ll be back at Stanford in September if you would rather chat in person. Note: This is open to anyone, not just Stanford Students.

Feel free to call our office: 407-878-6667 if you want to talk to me more about your ideas.

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Some Facts About Us:

1. In August 2013, Rank Executives was ranked the #2 Enterprise SEO Agency in the United States by TopSEO’s.

2. We’ve worked on projects for a number of major companies including: Philips, Bain & Company, Salesforce, Rue & Ziffra, Kid Rock, David Guetta, Glenn Miller Orchestra & Kayak.

3. We recently acquired Boston SEO Experts, one of the leading SEO companies in Boston. We’re also taking over their internet marketing bootcamp conference this year.

4. Our free SEO grader has been used by over 2000 companies.

5. P.J. and Jesse Leimgruber also created Rage Hats Inc, one of the leading distributors of Neon Hats. Rage Hats operates,, and The company earned a number of celebrity endorsements and sponsors some of the biggest music festivals across the United States, including Ultra, Identity, and Northcoast.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Obviously, joining the program is the easiest way you can help. That being said, we are also looking for more developers and designers to join the team as paid employees. We are hiring both full-time and part-time developers. If you know any developers looking for a job, send them our way.

It’s worth noting that this project is entirely self-funded. I’ve created profitable businesses, but the open startup project is costing all of our profit, and much of our savings. While we don’t “need” an investor, it would be nice to have some financial support.

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Please share this with anyone that has a startup or might be interested in joining. They have no way of knowing about this opportunity unless you tell them.

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